Good memories... cheap!

A current project I'm doing has taken me all around the city I live in. If you grew up in, or near Haverhill, Ma., then you're probably quite aware of the many local landmarks. Winnekenni Castle, Lafayette Square, or the historic downtown for example. But soon, all traces of the iconic Building  #19 will be gone. While getting a shot of the unique entry to this local landmark, I ran into one of the few remaining employees. He welcomed me in to get one last look at a place I had seen so many times in the past. So many of us went there, although some would deny it. But to deny that this place has provided so many memories would be wrong. My mother worked there when I was four years old, and one of her coworkers taught me to tie my shoes. Building #19 provided the components to many halloween costumes, and a great spot for a Yankee Swap gift. Sometimes I come across a book from my childhood that still has a .19 cent price tag on it. Something else will take it's place, but I'll miss scoring a deal at the 19's.