Sweet Destination

I've been working with Lewis at Sweet Baby Vineyard over the last year as they settle in at their new location. Originally located in East Kingston, they've literally planted their roots in Hampstead, NH. The location is beautiful! There's always a new shot for me to capture each time I visit. If you're looking for a local destination, check them out! If you don't bump into me there, you can check out some of my work on display in the tasting room.

So we meet again.

Having photographed his mother's maternity session a few months prior, it was a joy to meet little Jonathan. Sessions like these are so rewarding, both as a photographer, and a father. From sharing in the excitement of an expecting couple, to basking in the wonder of things to come. These are the elements of my work that make it so much more than a job.

New Year, New Location...

Can't believe that we're well into 2017! So many exciting things planned for the year ahead, but the first on my list was moving to a new studio space. This studio is located in North Andover Massachusetts, and offers so much. One of the main things it offers is lots of natural light! But with that, comes challenges when needing to control the light. So I grabbed the first available model I could find... Me! Although it can be difficult, I find it to be a good idea to do a self portrait occasionally. It gives me perspective into what it feels like on the other side of the lens. Not to mention, a great time for trial and error. I'm very pleased with the amount of lighting control I have in this space, and can't wait to share it...                                                                                                               


Hot Weekend

This past weekend I was invited to photograph the advanced class at Bikram Yoga Portsmouth. Having never attended a Bikram Yoga class before (or any yoga class for that matter), I didn't know quite what to expect. I was given a well needed warning that it would be hot, but that would be an understatement. The air in the studio was thick enough to cut, and the humidity began condensating on my gear immediately. Fortunately, with ample set up time, the fog was clearing off the lenses just as they began their warm up. Being treated like a member of their class, it was easy to blend in and start getting my shots. It was quite an experience to witness these athletes practice their craft, and under the conditions of extreme heat and humidity, was humbling. Only years of training and experience can prepare you for a class like this, and I'm glad I was invited to share my craft with them.


Good memories... cheap!

A current project I'm doing has taken me all around the city I live in. If you grew up in, or near Haverhill, Ma., then you're probably quite aware of the many local landmarks. Winnekenni Castle, Lafayette Square, or the historic downtown for example. But soon, all traces of the iconic Building  #19 will be gone. While getting a shot of the unique entry to this local landmark, I ran into one of the few remaining employees. He welcomed me in to get one last look at a place I had seen so many times in the past. So many of us went there, although some would deny it. But to deny that this place has provided so many memories would be wrong. My mother worked there when I was four years old, and one of her coworkers taught me to tie my shoes. Building #19 provided the components to many halloween costumes, and a great spot for a Yankee Swap gift. Sometimes I come across a book from my childhood that still has a .19 cent price tag on it. Something else will take it's place, but I'll miss scoring a deal at the 19's.

First post on my newly added blog for my website! Welcome to 2016. Haha! Just added tons of new images to the site, so much has happened in the last few months! We welcomed our new baby girl Claire, and we couldn't be happier! I've photographed so many great events and people, it was long due to update the website and get this blog rolling. Can't wait to add more soon...